Welcome to Giangi’s Design

My passion for scarves and shawls started at a very young age.   I was raised in Paris, France, and discovered very early on the fun and the beauty of wearing a beautiful scarf.  I remember strolling down our beautiful streets and admiring the ladies boutiques and all the accessories that were offered to add a feminine touch to a simple little dress. An easy fold, knot, or twist of a scarf and, voila` we  look as though we have just stepped out of a magazine.  It was then that my love for scarves began.  I believe also that it is in our genes.  French women have had and always will have a lifelong love affair with them.







Scarves are a wonderful accessory and uplifting accent to any ensemble. They will add the spunk to a casual jeans t-shirt look, or be the final touch to any sophisticated  outfit. 

I still have the first scarf that was knitted for me by my grandmother.  Throughout the years my collection has just taken a life of its own.  Mostly knitted by me, also received as gifts, as well as purchased during my travels around the world.

At Giangi’s Design we are always adding new items and new colors and we are  confident that you will  find something for you and the special  people in your life.

Thank you for shopping at Giangi’s Design.